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Fast Paced, "CRAM CLASS" 

Hosted by Coach Weller, the master system creator with over 25 years of experience









Learn How To

  • Review of Monthly Profit and Loss Statement
  • Command dollar budget, both personal and business
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Reserve analysis
  • Insurance analysis
  • Conversations around expenses
  • Accountability around expenses

Learn How To

  • Ensuring proper processes and standards are in place for quality of work, repeat client attraction, manageable tasks
  • Forward thinking on industry failures and action plans
  • Forward thinking on preventative maintenance items, both tangible and intangible
  • Top grade equipment and staff whenever and whoever possible

Learn How To

  • Understand your Mission, Vison, Values, Beliefs and Perspective
  • Looks at cost, margin and quantity to ensure the proper price and metrics are attainable
  • Ensure all possible revenue streams are engaged
  • Ensure all possible revenue streams are profitable
  • Educate and research where the market might go and what needs to happen to stay ahead of the growth curve.

When you know how to REDUCE EXPENSES in your business, MITIGATE LOSSES to protect your business and INCREASE PROFITS that do not increase work load or cost of doing business, you will have all the necessary to rapidly grow your business to be the business you dream and deserve.  All our material is designed to help you with these three tactics, using leading-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

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About your Host Coach Peter Weller

Since the day he was born, Peter Weller showed that he thought differently from others. He has always sought a challenge and always did his best to find new and innovative ways to approach common problems. Peter honed this skill and learned how to communicate clearly and concisely with people.

As a business coach, Coach Weller works directly with clients to help them with their operation. Through this one-on-one attention, even in a one-on-many, Coach Weller is able to ask the questions that are necessary to get a better understanding of your operation. From there, he offers the advice and strategy that will improve your day-to-day operations as well as future successes.

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