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The Foundational Implementation Series


You Never Thought Owning Your Own Business Would Suck This Much


Are you positioned to take the clients you want to work with?

Are you chasing the next opportunity instead of planning ahead?

Is your month out running your money?

Save your business, save your life and save your sanity!

Here's the thing.  

Owning your business - your passion, your talents, strengths, gifts and 
running your business - spreadsheets, decision making,
are all too many times treated like two different things.  

This is where most entrepreneurs get stuck!  The left brain and the right brain. The heart and the head.  

The good news is...there is a better way!  

A way to meld these two conflicting pieces into one goal, one system.  A system created by your core foundation that will build your business and help you create the life you have dreamed of.

That is what Live your NET LIFE NOW is all about!!

Having the quality of life that you got into business to have, FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY AND FINANCES!!

Use your core values to... 

  • Strengthen your business, your finances and your competitiveness in the marketplace. 
  • Develop systems and models around your money, your database and your client experience.
  • Create valuable decision making skills for every aspect of your life.

This is not just another course to teach you how to start a business!!

Picture a style of teaching that talks to you...not at you.

  • We will cover all of the concepts at a high level and dive deep into the subject if needed and until all participants are on the same wavelength of importance and understanding.
  • This is a class that will start with where you are at and build the systems and models that will directly affect your bottom line.  
  • With the unique coaching and instruction style that Pete has developed, clients learn faster and excel through this foundation process to get quick and proof positive results.


We have taken hundreds of business owners and outside sales professionals through this coursework. Within 30-90 days clients have seen a 2-3 times jump in business by understanding and implementing just the basics of these concepts.

Coach Peter Weller

I am passionate about building relationships that last the test of time and providing services at a high level to build a referral business model.
This is what I am about helping business owners and outside salespeople achieve.  Enable business owners to get closer to their business, so they will increase their net life, including net profitability, net time and the net freedom they desired when they first believed owning a business was all about.

Foundation 1
Money Boulevard

--- Money Map

--- Profit and Loss Statement

--- Balance Sheet

--- Command Dollar Budget

--- Deposit Calculation Worksheet

--- EFT Funds Transfer Watch

--- Budget (Personal and Business)

--- Time Blocking

--- Daily Task lists

--- Weekly Check Ins

--- Practical Accountability

--- Common Sense Math

Foundation 2
Business Framework

--- 1-3-5 GPS Planning Process

--- How to create your Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Your Pledge

--- Time blocking from a concept standpoint

--- Business Startup / Health Checklist

--- Commitment to your business

--- Setting up your business

--- Ensuring sufficient funds are available

--- Planning for your business

--- Setting up to operate

--- Marketing and Launching your business

Foundation 3
Database Lockdown

--- Tickler File System

--- Sticky Note System

--- Funnel Management

--- What is Data?

--- Concept

--- Communication

--- Consistency

--- Commitment

--- How to Interact with it

--- Tasks

---Return On Investment


Foundation 4
Time Management

--- Annual Calendar

--- 12 Week Calendar

--- Weekly Schedule

--- Daily Activity Tracker

--- Task Time Activity

--- Morning Bookend

--- Evening Bookend

--- Time Blocking

--- Daily Task lists

--- Weekly Check Ins

---Practical Accountability

--- Common Sense Math

Foundation 5
Fanatical Prospecting

--- 103 Sources for Prospects

---1 2 Specific Strategies

--- Discover why you need to prospect in Phase 1 of Business.
--- Script Writing and Practice

---3 Strategies


--- Consistency


--- Business Networking

Foundation 6
Net Life Now

--- Simplify

--- Focus on Net not More

--- Simple Systems

--- Putting it all together.

--- Personal Life

--- Communication

--- Consistency

--- Commitment

--- Daily Journal activities

--- Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reviews

---Return On Investment


The Foundational Implementation Series

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