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Starting something that matters to you - Finding Your Inner Bulldog - Episode 2

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2018

Hi. It’s Pete.

I have an idea and I want it to matter to you.

This idea came out of a problem I’ve been seeing. 

A lot of agents get into real estate for the freedom, flexibility and income potential. And I love our industry for that. But so many struggle to break through to their potential, not to any fault of their own but because our industry has become so rigid in how we teach lead generation and the building of a real estate business. 

But I’ve wondered, how do I take all that I see and all that’s in my head and share it out into the world? 

Then… bam!

I realized it’s easier to capture my thoughts in conversation and so I decided to create a “show” called “Freedom, Flexibility, and Finances”.

My intention for the show is to provide clear and important training and conversations that can help you go to the next level in your career and break through what I call “the agent gap” (where you’re doing more than 36 deals a year). 

And here’s where I want your input (so that it matters to you)...

What topics around your real estate business matter to you? What should I cover? Who should I be interviewing on my show? I’d love your input so that this feels like “our” show. Just hit "Reply" and tell me. 

If this is not interesting to you, I won’t be offended and you can unsubscribe from this email below. But I really think we could do some great things for your business if we put our heads together.

So, if you would, hit reply and tell me what other topics or guests you’d like to see on my show and I’ll see what I can do to make this something that not only simplifies your approach to your business but actually gets you over 36 sales a year.

Here’s episode 1, “Finding Your Inner Bulldog”:

Here’s to Freedom, Flexibility, and Finances.

Peter J Weller - aka “Pete”
PS - If you’d like to connect, head to 


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